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Wildwood Press / About

Wildwood Press was founded in 1996 by Maryanne Ellison Simmons, who serves as both Publisher and Master Printer. Experimentation and the unexpected are part of Wildwood Press’ ethos, and each project strives to redefine what print can be.


Wildwood Press is known not only for its custom papermaking, but also as a destination for artists who want the challenge of an etching press capable of printing 5-foot by 10-foot images. Ellison Simmons invites a select number of artists to work with her in St. Louis every year.


The role of the contemporary artist is to show us something we don’t know or to show us something we do know in a way we’ve never seen. The role of the printer and publisher of contemporary prints is to facilitate the possible. At Wildwood Press, the artist and printer work in symbiosis to bring prints to new heights.

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