Wildwood Press / Highlights

Wildwood Press strives to create diverse work, to engineer techniques that engage and change the way we look at prints. Art historian John Klein once described one such Wildwood Press technique as "Painting with Machines." 


Gary Paller, a painters painter, returned to Wildwood Press to create a series of unique diptychs. His new work elicits Support/Surface, the remembered art movement of turbulent times, the elegance that comes with nearly five decades of daily painting by an artist collected worldwide and, of course, painting with machines.

Three of Gary's new diptychs will be featured at the 2019 IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair.


Gary Paller _Fancy Friend _ Favored Chil

Fancy Friend | Favored Child


30"h x 30"w each or 30"h x 60"w overall

Unique   2019